Ayushman Bharat List of Hospitals in Theni, Tamil Nadu

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With the help of Ayushman Bharat scheme, many poor and needy people get the facility of health insurance for the weaker sections of the society. Ayushman Bharat yojana is also called Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya yojana (PMJAY). Under this scheme, 10 crore needy families of the country are getting health insurance of 5 lakh annually.

Ayushman Card Hospital List in Theni, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Theni Hospital ListHospital Mobile NumberHospital TypeDistrictEmpanelment Type
1Agathia Scans, Theni DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
2Aravind Eye Hospital, Theni TN.9442244426Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
3Arun Hospital Theni TN.7373232344Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
4ARVI Trust, Autism, Theni TN.9843160475Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
5Deepam Hospital, Bodinayakanur, Theni TN.9894620784Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
7DEIC, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
8District Diff.abled welfare office,Theni TN.9788740264PublicTHENIPMJAY
9Govt Hospital Andipatti,Colpo theni DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
10Govt Hospital Bodinayakkanur, Theni TN.7373232344PublicTHENIPMJAY
11Govt Hospital Periyakulam,Colpo theni DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
12Govt Hospital, Chinnamanur, Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
13Govt Hospital, Uthamapalayam, Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
14Govt Hospital,Andipatti,Theni TN.6380228751PublicTHENIPMJAY
15Govt Hospital,Andipatti,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
16Govt. CHC, Dompucherry, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
17Govt. CHC, Veerapandi, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
18Govt. Head Qrtrs Hosp Periyakullam, OAE, Theni DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
19Govt. Head Qrtrs Hosp Periyakullam,Theni TN.9488833216PublicTHENIPMJAY
20Govt. Head Qrtrs Hospital Periyakullam,Theni DC.978966666666666PublicTHENIPMJAY
21Govt. Head Quarters Hospital,Theni TN.-NA-PublicTHENIPMJAY
22Govt. kambam Hospital, Theni DC.359666666666666PublicTHENIPMJAY
23Govt. kambam Hospital, Theni TN.9842165270PublicTHENIPMJAY
24Govt. UPHC Devathanapatty,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
25Govt.PHC Kadamalaikundru,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
26Govt.PHC Myladumparai,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
27Govt.Theni PPP Krsnaa Diagnostic Centre, Theni DC.1111111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
28Govt.UPHC Gudalur,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
29Govt.UPHC Kombai,thevaram,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
30Govt.UPHC Odaipatty,Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
31Image Special School, Autism, Theni TN.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
32KK Multispeciality Hospital, Theni TN.9655591955Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
33KK Multispeciality Hospital,Allinagaram,Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
34Kohila Hospital,Theni TN.9442332828Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
35Krishnammal Memorial Hospita, Prklm Rd, Theni DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
36Krishnammal Memorial Hospital,Theni TN.9894584876Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
37KSK Hospital, Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
38Nalam Hospital,Theni TN.9994074400Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
39NRT Covid Hospital,Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
40NRT Hospital,Theni DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
41NRT Hospital,Theni NK.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
42NRT Hospital,Theni TN.9940968060Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
43Ramapadyan Hospital, Theni TN.9443352914Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
44RG Hospital, Periyakulam, Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
45Rohan Sekar Hospital, Theni TN.8760966969Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
46Rural Area Development Trust, Autism, Theni TN.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
47Shanmugam Hospital, Theni TN.9442089729Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
48Shreenidhi Scans, Theni DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
49Sree Sairam Hospital, Kottaikalam,Theni TN.8825623117Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
50Sree Sairam Hospital,Theni TN.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
51T N K H N V Hospital, Theni TN.9443160114Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
52Theni Govt MC,Angio,Theni DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
53Theni Govt. MC, Mamogram,Doppler Theni DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
54Theni Govt. MC. Anesthesiology, Theni TN.-NA-PublicTHENIPMJAY
55Theni Govt. MC. Dental, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
56Theni Govt. MC. Dermatology, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
57Theni Govt. MC. ENT, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
58Theni Govt. MC. Medicine, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
59Theni Govt. MC. Nephrology, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
60Theni Govt. MC. Neurology, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
61Theni Govt. MC. Neurosurgery, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
62Theni Govt. MC. OBG, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
63Theni Govt. MC. Opthalmology, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
64Theni Govt. MC. Orthopaedic, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
65Theni Govt. MC. Paediatric Surgery, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
66Theni Govt. MC. Paediatrics, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
67Theni Govt. MC. Psychiatry, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
68Theni Govt. MC. Radiology, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
69Theni Govt. MC. Radiotherapy, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
70Theni Govt. MC. Surgery, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
71Theni Govt. MC. TB Chest, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
72Theni Govt. Med Col and Hsp, Anesthesia, Theni TN.1111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
73Theni Govt. Medical College and Hospital,Theni DC.999999999999999PublicTHENIPMJAY
74Theni Govt. Medical College and Hospital,Theni TN.9443719462PublicTHENIPMJAY
75Theni Govt. Medical College, Nephrology, Theni TN.111111111111111PublicTHENIPMJAY
76Theni Health Centre, Nehruji Road, Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
77Theni Kids and Kidney Center, Theni TN.9442839304Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
78Theni MC Geriatric, Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
79Theni Medical Centre, Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
80TNMSC , Theni Govt. MC. RT, Theni TN.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
81TNMSC Govt Hospital, CT, Periyakulam DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
82TNMSC Govt HQ Hospital, Periyakulam DC.2222222222PublicTHENIPMJAY
83TNMSC Govt Theni Medical College, Theni DC.2222222222PublicTHENIPMJAY
84TNMSC Govt Theni Medical College,CT, Theni DC.NAPublicTHENIPMJAY
85Unnamalaiammal Multispeciality Hospital, Theni TN.9442456493Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
86Vaigai scans,Theni DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
87Vanavil Rehabilitation Centre, Autism, Theni TN.9842775242Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
88Vidhya Hospital,  Theni TN.9486258680Private(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
89Vyasini Multispecialty Hospital, Theni TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)THENIPMJAY
Ayushman Card Hospital List in Theni, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Card List of Hospitals in Theni related FAQ’s

Is Deepam Hospital, Bodinayakanur, Theni TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, Deepam Hospital, Bodinayakanur, Theni TN. accepting ayushman card.

Is Govt.UPHC Gudalur,Theni TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, Govt.UPHC Gudalur,Theni TN. accepting ayushman card.

Is Govt.Theni PPP Krsnaa Diagnostic Centre, Theni DC. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, Govt.Theni PPP Krsnaa Diagnostic Centre, Theni DC. accepting ayushman card.

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