Ayushman Bharat List of Hospitals in Karur, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Card List of Hospitals in Karur: Friends, many of you do such an online search of Hospitals accepting Ayushman Card in Karur city, but they have to face many difficulties for getting the right information .

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With the help of Ayushman Bharat scheme, many poor and needy people get the facility of health insurance for the weaker sections of the society. Ayushman Bharat yojana is also called Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya yojana (PMJAY). Under this scheme, 10 crore needy families of the country are getting health insurance of 5 lakh annually.

Ayushman Card Hospital List in Karur, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Karur Hospital ListHospital Mobile NumberHospital TypeDistrictEmpanelment Type
2Aarthy Eye Hospital,Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
3Aarthy Eye Hospital,Karur TN.7373004213Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
4Abirami Hospital,Karur TN.9894995997Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
5Abirami scans, Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
6Abishek Ortho Clinic, Karur TN.9790555151Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
7ABS Hospital, Karur TN.8300393424Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
8Amaravathi Hospital,Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
9Amaravathi Hospital,Karur TN.9585111073Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
10Amirtha Medical centre and Hospital,Karur, TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
11Ananya Ortho Care,Karur, TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
12APJ Hospital, Thogaimalai, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
13Apollo Logo Hospital,Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
14Apollo Logo Hospital,Karur TN.4234241900Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
15Deepa Kannan Hospital, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
16Doctors Diagnostic centre, Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
17Dr GC Hospital, Diagnoistic, Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
18ERS Hospital,Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
19ERS Hospital,Karur TN.8888888888Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
20G.C.Hospital,Karur NK.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
21G.C.Hospital,Karur TN.8888888888Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
22Govt Hospital Manmangalam, Colposcopy,Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
23Govt Hospital Manmangalam,Karur TN.9443461417PublicKARURPMJAY
24Govt Hospital Pallapatti,Karur TN.7904901662PublicKARURPMJAY
25Govt Hospital Velayuthampalayam,Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
26Govt Hospital Velayuthampalayam,Karur TN.8012574280PublicKARURPMJAY
27Govt Hospital, Kulithalai, Karur DC.111111111111111PublicKARURPMJAY
28Govt Hospital, Kulithalai, Karur TN.9942147869PublicKARURPMJAY
29Govt Hospital,Kulithalai,Karur DC.-NA-PublicKARURPMJAY
30Govt Hospital,Mylampatty,Karur TN.9443363407PublicKARURPMJAY
31Govt Medical College and Hospital, DEIC, Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
32Govt Medical College and Hospital, DEIC, Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
33Govt Medical College and Hospital, DEIC, Karur TN.9898989898PublicKARURPMJAY
34Govt Medical College and Hospital, Karur TN.9790098328PublicKARURPMJAY
35Govt.CHC Panjapatty,Krishnarayapuram ,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
36Govt.DDWO,Karur TN.9080954783PublicKARURPMJAY
37Govt.Head Quarters Hospital,Karur DC.111111111111111PublicKARURPMJAY
38Govt.Head Quarters Hospital,Karur TN.9556987456PublicKARURPMJAY
39Govt.PHC Aravakurichi,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
40Govt.PHC Kulithalai,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
41Govt.UPHC Innungur,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
42Govt.UPHC Kadavur ,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
43Govt.UPHC Malaikovilur,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
44Govt.UPHC Mallasamudram ,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
45Govt.UPHC Thogaimalai,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
46Govt.UPHC Vangal,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
47Govt.UPHC Vangal,Karur TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
48Karur Govt. Medical College, Dental TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
49Karur Govt. Medical College, Dermatology TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
50Karur Govt. Medical College, ENT TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
51Karur Govt. Medical College, Gen Medicine TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
52Karur Govt. Medical College, Gen Surgery TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
53Karur Govt. Medical College, Gynaecology TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
54Karur Govt. Medical College, Neonatology TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
55Karur Govt. Medical College, Nephrology TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
56Karur Govt. Medical College, OAE Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
57Karur Govt. Medical College, Ophthal TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
58Karur Govt. Medical College, Orthopedics TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
59Karur Govt. Medical College, Pediatrics TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
60Karur Govt. Medical College, Pulmonology TN.9444037545PublicKARURPMJAY
61Karur Govt.Medical College,Psychiatry TN.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
62Karur Kidney Care Hospital,Karur,TN.9898989898Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
63Karur Nursing Home,Chairman Ramanujam St,Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
64KG Hospital, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
65Krishna Medical Centre Hospital,Covai Rd,Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
66KS Health Care and scan centre, Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
67Maanavoo spl school and rehab ctr,Autism,Karur TN.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
68Madhu Scan Centre,Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
69Nachimuthu Hospital, Covai Road, Karur TN.9600358457Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
70Nachimuthu Hospital,Covai Road,Karur NK.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
71Nathan Hospital, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
72Nirmala Nursing Home, Karur TN.111111111111111Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
73Prakash Nursing Home, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
74Raj Ortho Hospital,Karur,TN.9047882277Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
75Sanjana Hospital, Thanthonimalai, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
76Senthils Emergency Care, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
77Shree Sakthi Hospital, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
78Sri Rathina Hospital,Muthu Nagar,Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
79Sunithra Hospital, Karur TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
80TNMSC Govt Head Qrts Hospital,Karur DC.11111111111111PublicKARURPMJAY
81TNMSC Govt Hospital, Kulithalai,CT, Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
82TNMSC Govt Hospital, Kulithalai,MRI, Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
83TNMSC,Karur Govt. Medical College, CT,Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
84TNMSC,Karur Govt. Medical College, MRI,Karur DC.NAPublicKARURPMJAY
85VELAN EYE HOSPITAL9443127442Private(Not For Profit)KARURPMJAY
86Velan Eye Hosptial Covai Road,Karur DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
87Velan Eye Hosptial Covai Road,Karur TN.1111111111Private(For Profit)KARURPMJAY
Ayushman Card Hospital List in Karur, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Card List of Hospitals in Karur related FAQ’s

Is Aarthy Eye Hospital,Karur TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, Aarthy Eye Hospital,Karur TN. accepting ayushman card.

Is Velan Eye Hosptial Covai Road,Karur TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, Velan Eye Hosptial Covai Road,Karur TN. accepting ayushman card.

Is VELAN EYE HOSPITAL accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, VELAN EYE HOSPITAL accepting ayushman card.