Ayushman Bharat List of Hospitals in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu 

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With the help of Ayushman Bharat scheme, many poor and needy people get the facility of health insurance for the weaker sections of the society. Ayushman Bharat yojana is also called Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya yojana (PMJAY). Under this scheme, 10 crore needy families of the country are getting health insurance of 5 lakh annually.

Ayushman Card Hospital List in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Nilgiris Hospital ListHospital Mobile NumberHospital TypeDistrictEmpanelment Type
1Ashwini Gudalur Tribal Hospital,Nilgiris TN.9443605393Private(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
2District Diff. abled welfare office, Nilgiris TN.125896333333333PublicNilgirisPMJAY
3DM Wayanad Inst. of Medical science, Wayanad DC.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
4DM Wayanad Inst. of Medical science, Wayanad TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
5Govt Hospital Connoor, Nilgiris DC.111111111111111PublicNilgirisPMJAY
6Govt Hospital Connoor, Nilgiris TN.11111111111111PublicNilgirisPMJAY
7Govt Hospital Gudalur, Nilgiris DC.111111111111111PublicNilgirisPMJAY
8Govt Hospital, Gudalur, Nilgiris TN.235966666666666PublicNilgirisPMJAY
9Govt Hospital, Kothagiri, Nilgiris DC.1111111111PublicNilgirisPMJAY
10Govt Hospital, Kothagiri, Nilgiris TN.125689666666666PublicNilgirisPMJAY
11Govt Ketty UPHC,Coonoor, Nilgiris TN.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
12Govt Kodanadu UPHC, Kotagiri, Nilgiris TN.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
13Govt T Oranally UPHC, Udhagamandalam, Nilgiris TN.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
14Govt. Hospital, Kotagiri, Nilgiris TN.124589633333333PublicNilgirisPMJAY
15Govt.Head Qrts Hospital ENT,Nilgiris DC.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
16Govt.Head Quarters Hospital, DEIC,Nilgiris DC.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
17Govt.Head Quarters Hospital, DEIC,Nilgiris TN.123458963333333PublicNilgirisPMJAY
18Govt.Head Quarters Hospital, Krsnaa, Nilgiris, DC.258963333333333PublicNilgirisPMJAY
19Govt.Head Quarters Hospital,Nilgiris DC.111111111111111PublicNilgirisPMJAY
20Govt.Head Quarters Hospital,Nilgiris TN.9443131285PublicNilgirisPMJAY
21IQRAA Hospital, Wayanad TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
22KIMS AL Shifa Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Kerala TN.4933299399Private(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
23KMF Hospital, Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
24Kotagiri MediFellowship Hosp,Kotagiri,Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
25Nankam Hospital,Nilgiris TN.9443235084Private(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
26Nankem Hospital, Diagnoistic, Nilgiris DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
27PIMS Hospital Palakkad, Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
28Pushpagiri Hospital, Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
29Revathi Scan Centre,Ooty,Nilgiris DC.-NA-Private(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
30Sagayamatha Hospital, Nilgiris TN.9486921351Private(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
31Shiva Shakthi Hospital,Udagamandalam, Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
32Shivashakthi Hospital Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
33Shivashakthi Hospital Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
34SM Hospital Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
35The Eye Foundation,Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
36TNMSC Govt Head Qrts Hospital,Nilgiris DC.1111111111111PublicNilgirisPMJAY
37TNMSC Govt Head Quarters Hospital CT,Nilgiris DC.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
38TNMSC Govt Hospital Connoor CT, Nilgiris DC.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
39TNMSC Govt Hospital Kothagiri CT, Nilgiris DC.NAPublicNilgirisPMJAY
40Vasan Eye Care, Coonoor, Nilgiris TN.NAPrivate(For Profit)NilgirisPMJAY
Ayushman Card Hospital List in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Ayushman Card List of Hospitals in Nilgiris related FAQ’s

Is Govt Hospital, Kothagiri, Nilgiris TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, Govt Hospital, Kothagiri, Nilgiris TN. accepting ayushman card.

Is PIMS Hospital Palakkad, Nilgiris TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, PIMS Hospital Palakkad, Nilgiris TN. accepting ayushman card.

Is KMF Hospital, Nilgiris TN. accepting Ayushman Card?

Yes, KMF Hospital, Nilgiris TN. accepting ayushman card.

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